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Enforcement of foreign titles in Switzerland Enforcement of legal claims in Switzerland Interim Management Claims Management Claim Management Contract Management Enforcement of foreign titles in CH Enforcement of foreign titles in Swizerland

Main Areas Of Expertise

Contract Management 

Dr. Fassbender attorneys at law is a law firm with a long-term specialization in the national and international project business. The advisory service includes the support of the tender / offer, the risk analysis and the execution of contractual negotiations, even of complex contracts of all kinds. In the project business following the conclusion of the contract, Dr. Fassbender Attorneys at Law is supporting you besides others in the areas of commercial contract management, enforcement of your claims and defense against unauthorized claims of third parties.


Attorneys at law Nicole-Denise Fassbender and Dr. iur. Marcel Fassbender, both being certified Mediators and Business Mediators, offer mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. Small and medium-sized companies in particular value this method in order to find fast and self-determined solutions in controversial business matters. But mediation is also often found to be a succesful tool in the private sphere (neighborhood disputes, school, divorce).

Enforcement Of Foreign Claims In Switzerland

Furthermore the law firm Dr. Fassbender Attorneys at Law has a long-standing expertise in the enforcement of outside of Switzerland already enforceable foreign, especially German, claims against debtors in Switzerland. (Enforcement of foreign titles in Switzerland) In many hundred proceedings, the law firm Dr. Fassbender Attorneys at Law were able to enforce legal and extrajudicial claims in Switzerland.

Business Coaching & 

Interim Management

As business coach and / or interim manager with his many years of experience as managing director, Vice President Commercial Management and Legal Affairs, department manager, managing director and supervisory board member in a globally operating cooperation, Dr. iur. Marcel Faßbender today supports CEOs, executives, managing directors, department heads and companies on individual questions occuring in everyday´s business life as well as reorganizing their organizational structure or individual departments.

“Durch allzu langen Streit verliert man die Wahrheit.”

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News Flash

  • Please contact us early to avoid statute of limitation issues. Offices  dealing with execution of claims (Betreibungsämter)  closing for Christmas vacation in Switzerland this year :

18.12.2018 – 03.01.2019