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Interim Management

Business Coaching & Interim Management

Dr. Marcel Fassbender is not only an accredited attorney in Germany and Switzerland, but also a certified business coach in addition to his training as a mediator.

In this activity, his clients gain from his many years of experience as managing director, member of the supervisory board, legal department manager, executive officer and individual consultant for complex topics in the business as well as in the private sector. His sensitivity to many of the challenges faced by managers and managing directors as well as many other managers in today’s professional world is accompanied by Dr. Fassbender´s very special technical understanding, but also professional empathy.

A good insight into the feedback, which employees, managers, business partners, colleagues, etc. are giving him in this area can be found on his LinkedIn profile and the recommendations made there.

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In this context, Dr. Marcel Fassbender supports various clients (here mostly individuals) in difficult phases of professional development, in matters of professional reorientation, managers in precarious situations in the case of transformations and reorganizations of companies and can not only directly address their concerns professionally, but also understands and integrates the legal and commercial level into his coaching efforts.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Fassbender is hired by companies, to support managers on the job on the basis of interim management, or even to replace them for a certain period of time. In other cases, Dr. Fassbender is asked to support the reorganisation or new setup of legal  departements. His services often replace expensive headhunters and combine the assessment of the suitability of certain candidates with a reorientation of the entire legal department away from a “deal breaker and worrier” mentatlity into well-esteemed thought after business partners with strategic orientation and commercial co-responsibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.