Mandate Forms - Dr. Fassbender Attorneys at Law | Enforcement of foreign titles in Switzerland
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Mandate for Enforcement of foreign titles in Switzerland (German speaking Switzerland)

In case you want the support of Dr. Fassbender Attorneys at Law for the execution of foreign titles in Switzerland we need the following information and documents (We anyhow recommend in all cases based on Non-German titles to contact us first by phone or by Email) :

signed power of attorney

signed Agreement regarding lawyers fees

Name and Adress of creditor

Name and Adress of debtor (In case the adress of the debtor is not known, we recommend you order a public request on the latest adress of debtor, to avoid unnecessary costs in the further proceedings The public fee for such request amounts to  ca. 20,- CHF.)

Title (Legal Claim) as copy

  • Nature and Amount of Claim
  • Nature and Amount of Subordinated Claims
  • Amount of due interest payments

As explained in the “Information” section, it is possible to obtain an extract from the Register of Accounts related to the debtors earlier involvement in “Betreibungen” over the last three years, which shows whether or not these claims were satisfied and therefore provides an indicaiton whehter the debtor is likely to be in the position to pay further claims or not.

In case of providing us with the mandate to incur such information the amount due for such services is a lump sum of  200,- EURO  or  200,- CHF plus the respective public fees of around 20,- CHF.