Dr. iur. Marcel Fassbender - Attorney at Law, Business Coach & Mediator
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Dr. iur. Marcel Fassbender

Attorney at Law, Mediator & Business Coach


  • Admitted to the Bar of all German Courts since 2001.
  • Admitted as well to the bar of all Courts in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Almost 15 years of experience as Head of Departement (Vice President) for Commercial Management, Contracts and Legal Affairs at a world wide operating group of companies in the area of roling stock industry.
  • Since  2009 certified Mediator.
  • Since 2010 certified Business Coach.

Dr. Marcel Fassbender has over 15 years of experience as the legal department manager of a globally operating group, which implements major projects in the infrastructure sector. In this context, Dr. Fassbender was responsible for up to 40 attorneys, who are responsible for the commercial and legal support of the respective project contracts in the various international offices of the group. In addition to the overall global responsibility for the legal basis of the contracts to be concluded and already concluded with volumes of often more than € 1 billion, he got also a far-reaching commercial responsibility for the financial assessment of the forecasts of key elements of the project work. At the same time, Dr. Fassbender was Managing Director and Supervisory Board Member of various subsidiaries of the Group. Dr. Fassbender is also trained and certified Mediator and Business Coach and as such took over relevant tasks in the Group in collaboration with the Human Resources departments.


Already at this time, he supported his wife, Attorney at Law Nicole-Denise Fassbender in their jointly owned law firm, which currently operates both in Meilen (ZH), Switzerland and Konstanz, Germany.


Dr. iur. Marcel Fassbender is admitted to the Bar of all German Courts and at the same time member of the list of lawyers in accordance with Art. 28 BGFA being admitted to represent clients in Switzerland at all Courts of the Canton of Zurich. He is a member of the Freiburg Bar Association.


Attorney at Law Dr. Marcel Fassbender has proven experience as consultant on contracts for complex international projects. Not only does he draft such contracts but he also proposes his clients’ contract strategies and leads or supports negotiations in English and German. However, his work for various national and international clients begins not only during the contract revision and the drafting of contract drafts, but already during the tender phase. His experience in the area of ​​public tenders, his expert assessment of risks and possibilities in specified contracts, is what his clients particularly value him for. In the past, he led commercial contract management for various companies and clients and developed new and modern purchasing contracts for large public projects. At the same time, Dr. Fassbender has a special expertise in the construction of legal departments, the identification of young and experienced talents in the area of ​​law and commercial management (claim management). Thus, he already successfully rebuilt or restructured various legal departments. Here, Dr. Fassbender has been keen to identify and recruit not only legally highly trained and experienced consultants, but also paid particular attention to the economic and communicative skills of such employees and the integration into the overall economic context of the client.


Dr. Marcel Fassbender is also acting as an interim manager and has served in the past SMEs in various functions, including general management. Business managers and other decision-makers rely on Dr. Fassbender advice as (business) coach and businessman with his experience in solving difficult business and private matters.


As a mediator, he alone and together with Attorney at Law Nicole-Denise Fassbender, led different mediations, and by that was able to find solutions to dissolve long-standing differences of opinion between contractually connected and thereby disputed enterprises, avoiding public court trials. Not only few of these mediations resulted in the resumption of the business relations between the companies that had previously been in dispute.


Finally, his long-standing network with international and national attorneys and lawyers allows him to take over mandates far beyond Switzerland and Germany.